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Delaware Department of

Company Regulation (BERG)

The Bureau of Company Examination, Rehabilitation and Guaranty, or BERG, is responsible for assuring the financial health and stability of insurance companies in Delaware. It does so by analyzing and assessing the financial condition of insurance companies domesticated and doing business in Delaware in order to protect consumers and, if necessary, by managing, rehabilitating or liquidating financially impaired insurers.

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Quick Reference Guide

General Information

Active Companies:

List of Companies Admitted/Approved/Authorized in Delaware
Lists of Eligible Non-admitted Surplus Lines Companies

  • Foreign (U.S.) Surplus Lines Insurers – Click here
  • Alien (non-U.S.) Surplus Lines Insurers – Click here
  • Delaware Domestic Surplus Lines Insurers (DSLI) – Click here

Annual & Quarterly Statement Filing Requirements

Domestic Annual & Quarterly Statement Filing Requirements / Checklists – 2 Copies plus CD/DVD
Regulation 303 REPEALED as of May 1, 2018
Foreign Annual & Quarterly Statement Filing Requirements / ChecklistsDO NOT file Quarterly Statements with Delaware


Enforcement Actions & Fines
Rehabilitation and Liquidation Bureau

Examination Reports:

Financial Examination Reports
Market Conduct Examination Reports


Title 18 Insurance Code – Chapter 7 Fees and Taxes

Retaliatory Statements:

Delaware Life and Health Retaliatory Statement
Delaware Property and Casualty Retaliatory Statement UPDATED

Statutory Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

Company Information

Banks and Trust Companies Authorized to Handle Escrow Accounts for Insurance Companies

Certificate Request– Request form for certificates. Applicable fees are required at time of request

Director/Officer Updates

General Information and Procedures for Corporate Amendments/Company Changes

Schedule of Company Fees, Taxes and Deposits

Security Exchange Request– Request changes to Securities held in Escrow

UCAA– Uniform Certificate of Authority Application information

Company Types


Fraternal Application for Admission Checklist
Fraternal Benefit Societies

Fully Insured Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement – MEWA

Please refer to 18 Del. Admin C. § 1405-5.5 for information pertaining to Self-Insured MEWA’s

Managed Care Organizations

Regulation 1403 (Formerly Regulation 58)
Title 16, Chapter 91, Delaware Code – Managed Care Organization
Title 18, Chapter 64, Delaware Code – Insurance Regulation of Managed Care Organizations

Requirements for Obtaining Authority as a Managed Care Organization

Premium Finance Companies

Regulation 2001 (Formerly Regulation 21)
Title 18, Chapter 48, Delaware Code – Insurance Premium Financing

Requirements for Obtaining a License as a Premium Finance Company

Annual Renewal – January 1 (Please do not submit more than 60 days in advance)

  • Form PF-2 (Renewal Application)
  • Form PF-4 (Annual Report) – Due on or before March 1st annually

Rating Organizations

Title 18, Chapter 25, Delaware Code – Rates and Rating Organizations
Rating Organizations Memorandum

Annual Renewal – July 1 (Please do not submit more than 60 days in advance)


Reinsurance Intermediary

Reinsurance Intermediary Act (18 Del Code Chapter 16)

Application Checklist

Annual Renewal – March 1 (Please do not submit more than 60 days in advance)
Annual Continuation Fee $100 effective 7/1/2017


Risk Purchasing Groups/Risk Retention Groups

Title 18, Chapter 80, Delaware Code – Risk Retention Act
Risk Retention Group/Risk Purchasing Group Requirements

Annual Renewal – March 1 with Premium Taxes

Surplus Line Insurers

Surplus Lines Information and Surplus Lines brokers website.

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

TPA Regulation 1406

Annual Renewal – July 1 (Please do not submit more than 60 days in advance)
Annual Renewal Memorandum


Miscellaneous Links:

Delaware Captive Website
Captive Contacts
Fraud Prevention Bureau Fee Information
NAIC Company Code Application (Required following approval of UCAA Primary application and issuance of Certificate of Authority)
NAIC Website
Premium Taxes and Annual Renewals
Rates and Forms (Life/Health and Property/Casualty)– including Nonadmitted Insurers, Risk Retention Groups and Risk Purchasing Groups
Title 18 Administrative Code
Title 18 Insurance Code

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