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2005 News Archive

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December 20, 2005
Denn Responds to New National Seat Belt Study
Delaware Ranks 18th For Seat Belt Usage, But More Clicks Could Mean Lower Insurance Rates, Commissioner Says [more]
December 14, 2005
Denn Issues Holiday Insurance Tips
Extra Coverage For Expensive Gifts, Insurance Issues While Traveling Among Commissioner’s Tips For Holiday Season [more]
December 9, 2005
Denn Calls On Congress To Support, Insurance Regulators To Back Changes To Medicare Drug Plan
Commissioner Asks NAIC To Lobby Congress For Delay In Penalties, Adequate Resources To States [more]
November 17, 2005
Companies to be Required to Provide More Info About Long-Term Care Insurance, Not Downplay Rate Increases
Commissioner Denn’s Proposed Regulations Aims to Avoid Rude Surprises for Seniors Who Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance [more]
November 8, 2005
Denn Cuts Increase in Workers Compensation Rates
Commissioner Tells Insurance Companies To Resubmit Application With 20 Percent Cut In Proposed Increase [more]
November 1, 2005
Denn Decides Not To Require Test For Defensive Driving Courses
Commissioner Rejects Staff Recommendation For Exam, Suggests Alternatives To Ensure Compliance [more]
November 1, 2005
Denn Responds to Lawsuit Filed by Insurance Organizations
Insurance Industry Seeks To Overturn New Protection For Delaware Homeowners Against Losing Their Insurance Coverage [more]
October 24, 2005
Hartford to Refund 1,400 Delawareans Approximately $135,000
Company’s Error In Use Of Credit Scoring, Pursued By Commissioner Denn and Delaware Customer, Leads To Refunds [more]
October 19, 2005
Denn Moves To Prevent Questionable Insurance Investment Sales to Seniors
Cracking down on a practice that has been ranked as one of the top ten investment scams in the country, Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn on Wednesday proposed new safeguards for senior citizens who purchase annuities as investments from insurance companies. [more]
October 6, 2005
Denn Launches Investigation Into Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Hikes
Commissioner Also Denies Applications From Companies For Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increases Up To 43 Percent [more]
September 29, 2005
Denn Urges Homeowners to Undergo Insurance “Checkup” to Ensure They’re Covered
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn on Thursday urged homeowners to perform a home insurance “checkup” and complete a home inventory in order to ensure that they have enough insurance coverage and would have the means to recover should disaster strike .[more]
September 15, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Seeks Director of Captive Insurance Company Division
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn and the Delaware Department of Insurance have issued a Professional Services Solicitation seeking applications for the position of Director of the Department’s new Captive Insurance Company Division. [more]
September 8, 2005
Denn Announces New Initiatives to Expand Flood Insurance Awareness
Commissioner Announces Information For Homeowners, Education Requirements For Agents And Encouragement For Local Governments [more]
August 29, 2005
Delawareans Can Take Defensive Driving Course Online, Lower Auto Rates
Denn Approves Course That Can Be Studied From Home [more]
August 19, 2005
Blue Cross, Nemours Foundation Reach Agreement for Continued Treatment at Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (BCBSD) and Nemours have reached an agreement to continue to provide coverage. [more]
August 4, 2005
Denn Announces New Homeowner Insurance Protections
Homeowners in Delaware should see fewer policy cancellations and will get new information about their coverage under a package of new homeowner insurance initiatives announced by Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn Thursday. [more]
July 29, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Denn to Use New Data on Medical Malpractice to Help Lower Medical Costs
A new system to track the results of medical malpractice claims is up and running, with the goal of lowering medical costs by proving to insurance companies that Delaware is a favorable place to insure doctors and that rates for Delaware doctors should be lower. [more]
July 21, 2005
Denn to Make Consumer Complaints Against Insurance Companies Public
System Will Make Number And Kinds Of “Founded” Complaints Against Each Company Available To Insurance Purchasers [more]
June 30, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Denn Thanks Delaware General Assembly for Productive First Year
Legislation protecting policyholders, fighting higher rates enacted six months into his term [more]
May 26, 2005
Insurance Commissioner, State Legislators, Unveil Legislation to Make Health Care Affordable with Insurance Purchasing Pool
Plan Could Save Tens of Thousands of Delawareans Money When Purchasing Health Insurance [more]
May 26, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Issues Requests for Proposals
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn and the Delaware Department of Insurance have issued two Requests for Proposals seeking professional services. [more]
May 24, 2005
Consumer Advisory Regarding Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Delaware and Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn issued a consumer advisory today, informing Delawareans that the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children and its affiliated physicians have given notice of termination of their provider agreements with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (BCBSD), effective August 28, 2005 [more]
May 19, 2005
Delaware Government Leaders Announce Legislation to Help AAA Mid-Atlantic Keep Jobs at Newark Call Center
Amendment to Insurance Code Will Allow AAA Employees to Continue Marketing to Virginia Customers [more]
May 11, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Announces Delaware’s First Major Auto and Homeowners Insurance Rate Cuts in Years
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn announced today that State Farm Insurance, the states largest insurer of homes and second largest insurer of automobiles, would cut its automobile and homeowners insurance rates by an average of 5% in the coming year.  [more]
April 27, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Issues Challenge Based on Report on Delaware’s Uninsured
Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn issued the following statement today regarding the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s study finding that Delaware has one of the nation’s lowest uninsured rates. [more]
April 24, 2005
Denn Names Top Insurance Agent Advisors
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn has named Provey Powell of Allstate Insurance and Leo Strine Sr. of the Financial House firm as the chairs of his statewide Insurance Agent Advisory Councils. [more]
April 4, 2005
Comprehensive Five-Part Initiative to Rein in Medical Malpractice Costs Unveiled
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn and a bi-partisan group of legislative leaders, physicians, and civic leaders announced today a broad series of initiatives to address Delaware’s medical malpractice insurance rates. [more]
March 31, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Announces Crackdown on Auto Insurance Fraud
Six Delawareans charged in first set of cases. [more]
March 17, 2005
Insurance Commissioner, Legislators, Introduce Legislation to Increase Sanctions for Unfair Insurance Practices
Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn joined Representative Helene Keeley and Senator Patricia Blevins today to introduce new legislation that will dramatically increase the Insurance Department’s ability to punish insurance companies that engage in unfair business practices. [more]
March 16, 2005
Denn Urges Senate to Pass Credit Scoring Ban
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn urged the Senate Insurance and Elections Committee at a public hearing today to pass Senate Bill 2, prohibiting the use of credit scoring in auto and homeowners insurance policies in Delaware. [more]
March 16, 2005
Commissioner Denn Urges Removal of Uninsured Motorists’ License Plates
Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn asked the Senate Public Safety Committee today to send Senate Bill 20, a bipartisan bill improving the states enforcement tools against uninsured drivers, to the full Senate for a vote.  [more]
March 2, 2005
Denn Comment on Proposed Acquisition of Mid-Atlantic Health Plan by BCBSDE
Delaware Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn issued the following statement today with respect to the proposed acquisition of Mid-Atlantic Health Plan by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware [more]
February 9, 2005
Denn Announces Plan to Restructure Insurance Commissioner’s Office to Focus on Consumers
Asks Joint Finance Committee for Permission to Create Consumer-Focused Office, Pledges to Run Office without Using Taxpayer Funds [more]
January 24, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn Establishes Hotline for Questions on Snow Damage Claims
Delaware homeowners who sustained damage to their homes due to the recent snowstorm can call a toll-free number to get advice from Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn’s office on making claims. [more]
January 20, 2005
Insurance Commissioner Denn Proposes New Protections for Homeowners
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn proposed regulations Thursday to require insurance companies to inform homeowners of potentially serious gaps in their homeowners insurance. [more]
January 13, 2005
Insurance Commissioner and State Legislators Announce Crackdown on Uninsured Drivers
Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn, State Senator David Sokola, and State Representative Donna Stone unveiled bi-partisan legislation today which will allow the state to dramatically increase enforcement of its uninsured motorist laws. [more]
January 10, 2005
Matt Denn Takes Oath As Delaware’s Insurance Commissioner
Insurance Commissioner Matthew Denn pledged Monday to stand up for working families by working to keep insurance rates low and to ensure that insurance companies serve their customers. Commissioner Denn was formally sworn in Monday in a ceremony at the Carvel State Office Building. [more]
January 7, 2005
Insurance Commissioner and State Senator Seek to Bar Credit Scoring by Insurers
State Senator Margaret Rose Henry and State Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn announced today that legislation would be introduced on the first day of the 2005 General Assembly, which would prohibit the use of “credit scoring” by insurance companies in the fields of automobile and homeowners insurance. [more]
January 5, 2005
Denn Proposes New Regulations For Faster Payment Of Health Care Providers
On his second day as Delaware’s Insurance Commissioner, Commissioner Matt Denn announced that he had submitted a new set of prompt payment regulations governing health insurers. [more]

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