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2013 News Archive

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December 20, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Announces $320,331.29 in Settlement Agreements with Three Companies

December 19, 2013

Consumer Alert: Insurance Commissioner Stewart Recommends Reviewing Your Policies This Holiday Season

November 25, 2013

Insurance Commissioner Stewart Announces an Agreement with Carriers in Delaware to Extend Cancelled Policies

November 21, 2013

Department of Insurance Reaches Tentative Agreement with One Carrier and Continues Discussions with Other Carriers to Offer Renewal Opportunities for Policyholders with Terminated Coverage

October 8, 2013

Insurance Commissioner Stewart Warns Delawareans to Beware of Fraud Related to the Affordable Care Act

September 19, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Announces the Qualified Health Plans and Rates for the Delaware Health Insurance Marketplace

August 30, 2013

Commissioner Stewart Announces the Appointment of the Workers’ Compensation Ratepayer Advocate for the State of Delaware

August 16, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Announces Over $900,000 Dollars Recovered for Delaware Policyholders and $5,900,000 Dollars Saved by Employers in 2013

July 18, 2013

State Reaches Agreement with Four Community Organizations

June 24, 2013

Commissioner Stewart Announces The Approval Of Frontline Homeowners Insurance To Sell Insurance In Delaware

June 18, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Shares Helpful Tips In The Wake Of Recent Storms

May 20, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Engages Federal Policymakers – Protecting Consumers and Bolstering Markets are Priority Topics

May 3, 2013

Consumer Alert: Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Shares Useful Information in Preparation for an Active Hurricane Season

May 1, 2013

Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart Informs Delaware Businesses on the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

April 30, 2013

Insurance Matters – Department of Insurance Newsletter

January 24, 2013

Insurance Commissioner Stewart Announces That Delaware Captives Are On The Rise

January 9, 2013

Consumer Alert: Commissioner Stewart Advises Delawareans To Begin The New Year With A Focus On Insurance

January 4, 2013

Commissioner Stewart Takes Action On Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates

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