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2008 Premium Taxes and Fees

The Premium Tax and Fees Section is responsible for the tax regulation of all insurance companies, whether admitted or non-admitted, that are authorized, approved, or registered to transact business in the state of Delaware. This includes responsibility for the timely preparation, collection, recording, analysis, and reporting of all insurance premiums, taxes, and fees; and for ensuring company compliance with Delaware insurance tax laws and other applicable laws in the Delaware Code. In addition, all foreign Risk Retention Group and Risk Purchasing Group applications for registration are reviewed by the Premium Tax and Fees Section, and RRG/PG regulation falls to this Section of the Department. Another function of the Premium Tax and Fees Section is the regulation of Surplus Lines brokers, including policy reporting and compliance enforcement, along with the collection of surplus lines premium tax.

All tax compliance personnel please review SL Bulletin #33
before beginning calendar year 2008 year-end filing preparations. This Bulletin contains important information about changes to premium tax filing procedures.


OPTins_logoOPTins is the preferred method for submitting calendar year 2008 annual premium tax and fees. The Delaware Insurance Department encourages all companies – including tax exempt companies that pay annual renewal fees – to use OPTins to electronically submit Delaware premium tax and annual renewal forms and payments. However, OPTins is not mandatory at this time.

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