Please be advised, the Wilmington Office of the Delaware Department of Insurance has moved to a new location effective June 30th, 2023. The new address for the Wilmington office is: 503 Carr Road, Suite 303, Wilmington, Delaware 19809. (All payments should be mailed to 1351 West North Street, Suite 101, Dover, Delaware 19904.)

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Arrowood Indemnity Company, in Liquidation

Delaware Rehabilitation & Liquidation Bureau

Important Reminder to all Claimants: It is the claimant’s obligation to timely notify the Receiver’s staff of any change to your mailing or email address using the contact information under Receiver Address Information below.
ESTATE INFORMATION Company Name: Arrowood Indemnity Company, in Liquidation

Scottish Re (U.S.), Inc. in Liquidation

Delaware Rehabilitation & Liquidation Bureau ESTATE INFORMATION Company Name: Scottish Re (U.S.), Inc. in Liquidation Date of Rehabilitation: March 6, 2019 Date of Liquidation: July 18, 2023 Deputy Receiver: Michael J. Johnson and Eugene T. Reed, Jr. Policy Cancellation Date: Not Applicable. Scottish Re (U.S.), Inc.

Indemnity Insurance Corporation, RRG

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Company Contact Info

Auto Insurance Company Contact Information

Active Companies

List of Companies Admitted/Approved/Authorized in Delaware The Insurance Commissioner’s Office maintains an active company list for Delaware. This list is currently being updated monthly. The list is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, sorted by company name.   Active Company List   List of Active Captives   If you have any