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Delaware Department of

Property Damage Concerns

To Report Damage:

It’s important for the state and counties to understand the full impact of the storm, including damages to homes and small businesses. Each county is collecting this information and the state will compile an aggregated report to the federal government for assistance. Please do not call DEMA directly to report property damage. Please inform the appropriate County or City of Wilmington Emergency Management Office:

  • New Castle County Office: (302) 395-2700, Fax (302) 395-2705.
  • City of Wilmington Office: (302) 576-3914, Fax (302) 571-5491.
  • Kent County Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management Division: (302) 735-3465, Fax (302) 735-3473.
  • Sussex County Emergency Operations Center: (302) 855-7801, Fax (302) 855-7800.

Docks and Piers:

If you own a dock or pier that was damaged by the storm, contact the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands Section.

Flooded Septic Systems

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has provided a guide outlining what you should – and shouldn’t – do after your septic system has been flooded.

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