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Below is a list of the major guides published by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to help residents stay informed with matters relating to Life, Senior/Elder, Home, Civic Associations, Automobile, Health, Small Business and Workplace Safety insurance.

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What is in the Guide

Auto Call it “Everything you ever wanted to know about auto insurance but were afraid to ask.” This is a simple and concise guide to purchasing insurance for cars, trucks and motorcycles.
College Students This guide covers topics that typically impact college students who live away from home. Subject areas include renters insurance in addition to health and automobile insurance.
Community Associations Delaware’s communities are served by numerous homeowner groups. These community associations have responsibility – and liability – in the decisions they make. This guide answers some of the most commonly asked questions.
Consumer Services This brochure explains how the Consumer Services Division can assist individuals with insurance coverage questions and problems.
Health Dealing with health insurance and health insurance companies can be complicated and very confusing – this guide explains the basics and helps you to understand your options.
Home This guide contains helpful information for new homeowners and longtime owners as well. Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies: See which types of perils are covered, and which are not, by the various types of homeowners insurance.
Home Inventory This printable home inventory will help you create of record of your possessions in case a disaster strikes and you need to provide your insurance company with a comprehensive list of what needs to be replaced. More useful tools can be found on our Insure U page.
Life This guide explains some of the basics of life insurance, including the two main kinds of life insurance and how they work. It also includes a discussion of annuities.
Long-Term Care A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance from the NAIC.
Medicare Counseling (DMAB) Health insurance counseling for people with Medicare – services provided by the Delaware Medicare Assistance Bureau (DMAB).
Medicare Financial Assistance People with Medicare who are enrolled in or entitled to Part A Medicare coverage and have a low income may qualify for help with Medicare expenses.
Medicare Supplement Insurance Shopper’s Guide An annual guide that features up-to-date price comparisons for Medigap policies, private insurance designed to supplement your Medicare coverage.
Military Personnel The Insurance Commissioner’s Office has produced the information below as a guide to specific insurance issues faced by men and women serving in the armed forces.
Pet Pet insurance is similar to health insurance for humans. With the rising costs of veterinarian care, this may be the right time to review the different types of policies available for your pet.
Small Employer This guide contains information that includes a list of small employer carriers and their toll-free telephone numbers to assist you in locating health insurance coverage along with some questions and answers you may find useful.
Travel Learn how a travel insurance policy could protect you medically and financially while you are traveling outside the U.S.
Workplace Safety A guide to saving on your company’s workers’ compensation insurance with the Workplace Safety Program.

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