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Domestic Statement Filing

Due to the current COVID-19 virus, Company Filings may be sent electronically in pdf format to berg@delaware.gov.

Electronic signatures will be accepted. Please ensure the subject line reads as follows:

● Due date of Filing(s), Company Name, NAIC# (i.e. 4/1 Filings, Company Name, NAIC#)

Please note, the assigned analyst may reach out at a future date to request hard copies.

Please do not email the analyst directly.

Filing Requirements for Domestic Companies

  • NAIC – All companies are required to file their annual and quarterly statements electronically with the NAIC.
  • APPEARANCE – All statements must be properly bound with the appropriate cover, and contain the proper bar codes. The bar codes must be readable in order to be considered received by the Department.
  • PAYMENTS – All companies must use OPTins to file Premium Taxes and fees electronically.
  • PACKAGING DOCUMENTS – In the past, we have experienced problems when opening packages containing more than one company’s filings. The documents have not been bundled by company. Instead they have been bundled by the type of document. In an attempt to expedite processing documents, when packaging documents for more than one company, place all documents for an individual company in an envelope marked with that company’s name. You may include the statement in this envelope. Place the prepared envelopes together in the container you are sending to the Department as per instructions. IMPORTANT : Acceptable packing materials are Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. Any packaging material creating excessive dust or dust type litter (i.e.: shredded paper as used in padded envelopes) will not be opened. Packages not prepared as instructed will not be accepted in accordance with Title 18, Delaware Code, § 526. The companies using these materials will be assessed a late penalty until the properly packaged documents are received by the Department.
  • CD – Please be sure the face of the CD has the company’s full name (no initials please) the NAIC number, and the filing period/documents contained. For companies who are in groups who file multiple companies on one CD, this practice is NOT permitted for filing with the Delaware Department. We allow only one company per CD. For example if you have 10 companies in a group each company should be represented by a CD with their particular financial reports contained on that CD. Please be sure that the files are in PDF format and can be read directly from the CD with Adobe software. No compressed files will be accepted. Please copy the individual PDF documents for the complete filing to one CD. If all information won’t fit on one CD, you may carry over to another CD as needed. The Department only requires one copy of the CD per filing period.
  • BARCODE – The only barcode that needs to be submitted is the barcode on the Jurat page. This barcode must be easy to scan. If we are unable to scan the barcode the associated document will be considered not received.

CONTACT INFORMATION FORM – If your contact information has changed, please complete the UCAA Form 14 CHANGE OF MAILING ADDRESS/CONTACT NOTIFICATION FORM. This should be submitted separately from the annual statement filings electronically or to BERG@delaware.gov.

2020 Domestic Checklists

NOTE: Column 4 on each checklist is broken into 3 sections (Domestic, NAIC, and Foreign Requirements). See Domestic section for requirements.

Health Entities Checklist – Health Maintenance Organizations, Dental Plan Organizations, Health Service Corporations, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Life & Health / Fraternal Societies Checklist – Accredited Reinsurers (Life & Health), and Delaware Domestic Life & Health Insurers

Property & Casualty Checklist – Accredited Reinsurers (Property & Casualty), Alien Insurers (U.S. Branch), Risk Retention Groups, Domestic Surplus Lines Insurers and Domestic Property & Casualty Insurers

Title Checklist – Title Insurers

Click for information on additional required filings for Premium Taxes and Fees.

If you have any questions or have problems accessing the information, please contact the
Company Financial Filings Coordinator by email: BERG@delaware.gov.

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