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Delaware Department of

Auto Insurance Fraud

Hotline (800) 632-5154

Application Fraud

  • Falsely reporting where your vehicle is normally garaged.
    Example: Your insurance rates are based on the location that you tell the insurance company your vehicle is normally kept and used. If your primary residence is in another state; however, you improperly register and insure your vehicle using a friend or relative’s residence in Delaware for a financial gain such as a premium savings, you are committing insurance fraud.
  • Failing to disclose prior claims or accidents when asked during the application process for insurance.
  • Failing to list all eligible drivers in a household on the application.
  • Obtaining insurance on a vehicle in your name on which another person will be the principle driver because that driver cannot either obtain coverage elsewhere or would have to pay higher premiums.

Filing False Claims

  • Overstating the value of repairs or replacement costs as reported for a loss from an auto collision, damage to property or theft claim.
  • Altering any receipts for any of the above items.
  • Creating a false receipt for any of the above items.
  • Claiming false or exaggerated injuries to secure lost wages or any other injury settlement resulting from an accident.

Report Auto Insurance Fraud

If you know of or suspect possible insurance fraud, please report it. All calls and tips are investigated. All calls and tips are confidential unless you choose otherwise. To report suspected insurance fraud:

  • Call (800) 632-5154 toll-free in Delaware or (302) 674-7350
  • Send an email to
  • Mail a report to Fraud Prevention, 1351 West North Street, Suite 101, Dover, DE 19904

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