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Delaware Department of

Indemnity Insurance Corporation, RRG

Delaware Rehabilitation & Liquidation Bureau

Important Reminder to all Claimants: Please be advised that the mailing and email address on file with the Receiver was obtained from the Proof of Claim form you filed unless you have subsequently notified the Receiver’s staff of a change in your address. It is the claimant’s responsibility to timely notify the Receiver’s staff of any change to your mailing or email address using the contact information under Company Information below.


Company Name: Indemnity Insurance Corporation, RRG Date of Rehabilitation: November 7, 2013

Date of Liquidation: April 10, 2014

Deputy Receiver: Michael Johnson

Policy Cancellation Date: No later than 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, May 10, 2014; Please see the April 10, 2014, Order for further details. Please contact the Receiver’s staff at the telephone number or address below with any questions.

Proof of Claim Filing Deadline: January 16, 2015; Please contact the Receiver’s staff at the address below with any questions.

Guaranty Associations: None – Guaranty Association coverage is not available for Risk Retention Groups in Delaware.

Type of Insurance: Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage for Members of the Risk Retention Group, which are primarily businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industries, pursuant to the Plan of Operation filed with the Delaware Department of Insurance.

State of Domicile: Delaware

Court: Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware

Case No.: C.A. No. 8601-VCL

Company Information: – Indemnity Insurance Corporation, RRG, in Liquidation
The Nemours Building
1007 Orange Street, Suite 1010
Wilmington, DE 19801
Telephone Number: (877) 472-8360

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