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What you need to know about health insurance.

Please feel free to contact the Consumer Services Division with general questions you have about insurance or if you have problems or complaints by emailing consumer@delaware.gov, or call 1-800-282-8611 in Delaware or (302) 674-7310.

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information
  • Children’s Health Insurance – The Delaware Healthy Children Program is a low cost health insurance program for Delaware’s uninsured children. The Delaware Healthy Children Program features the same high-quality coverage you’d get with some of the best private insurance plans.
  • Health Insurance Guide – The Insurance Commissioner’s Office has produced “The Instant Insurance Guide: Health” as a guide to buying and using health insurance in Delaware.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – Long-term care is a general term that includes a wide range of services that address the health, medical, personal care, and social needs of people with chronic or prolonged illnesses, disabilities, and cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Medicare and Medigap – DMAB provides counseling and assistance on questions and problems related to Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, long-term care insurance and other types of health insurance. There is no charge for the service.
  • People with Disabilities – The Insurance Commissioner’s Office has produced “A Guide to Insurance and Health Care Programs for People with Disabilities” that contains information and tips for people with disabilities covered by private or public health care in Delaware.

Office of Value Based Health Care Delivery

In recent years, Delaware has acted to improve healthcare quality and bend the healthcare cost growth curve by:

To further help bend the healthcare cost growth curve, in 2019, Senate Bill 116 of the 150th Delaware General Assembly directed the DOI to create the Office of Value Based Health Care Delivery to “reduce health-care costs by increasing the availability of high quality, cost-efficient health insurance products with stable, predictable, and affordable rates.” SB 116 charged the Office with three tasks:

  1. Establish Affordability Standards for health insurance premiums based on recommendations from the Primary Care Reform Collaborative and annually monitor and evaluate these standards;
  2. Establish targets for carrier investment in primary care to support a robust system of primary care by January 1, 2025; and
  3. Collect data and develop annual reports regarding carrier investments in health care, including commercial reimbursement rates for primary and chronic care services.

The Office is meeting that objective by conducting extensive research on Delaware’s Healthcare Market. The results include six Key Findings and three Affordability Standards, all of which are included in the report entitled “Delaware Health Care Affordability Standards: An Integrated Approach to Improve Access, Quality and Value”. The Department will be accepting public comment on the Report until close of business day on January 25, 2021. Anyone may submit comments via email to DOI-legal@delaware.gov

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